What you can do

There are a number of things your strata council can do to help you manage this situation and collaborate with our team more effectively:

  • Form a Strata Council Emergency Committee if you have not already done so, please do so now. We will require quick decisions from Council, and there is much work to be done on site.
  • Staffing & Building Operations – consider how work disruptions (illness or government directive to concierges, building managers, security guards, etc.) could impact your Strata Corporation and put plans in place.  Meet with your building staff if applicable to go over the most important items – locations of keys, manuals, shutoffs, etc.
  • Janitorial & Cleaning work directly with the cleaning staff responsible for your building to go over the high frequency touch points, make sure they are focusing on essential items (picking up the time that they used to spend on amenities and other low priority items). Enlist residents to assist in additional cleaning of key areas as may be necessary.
  • Waste Removal – you must advise your Property Manager asap of garbage/recycling removal needs as they increase. With most units occupied and producing far more garbage and recycling: (a) garbage must be removed BEFORE it is overflowing or it may not be picked up, and (b) there is a significant increase in cardboard from deliveries and all must be flattened.
  • Elevators & Visitors – remind residents about protocols for proper social distancing in elevators (if applicable, print this poster and post it on site).
  • Drains & Plumbing – remind residents to take extra care with building plumbing equipment to decrease the potential for backups and related repairs/restoration work (we would recommend printing this poster and posting it on site).
  • Defer non-essential work – if you’re concerned about your budget and available funds due to financial uncertainty, you may want to consider deferring non-essential work (landscaping upgrades, window cleaning, etc.). This article written by Clark Wilson The COVID-19 Pandemic – Financial Issues for Strata Corporations
    provides more information on this topic.
  • Get set up for remote meetings: If you do not already have the Zoom app, we encourage you to download and test it on the device of your choice. It is easy to use and will allow our Property Managers to conduct Council meetings remotely with you.