Our History

Here are a few testimonials posted by customers and industry colleagues to our Google Reviews page:

This is excellent service and I value this very much in a person! I want to share my experience about my Strata. It was a pleasure to talk to Michael Boughey, The Property Manager. He has been so helpful in emailing and answering all my questions. When I needed the minutes from a Strata meeting, he went the extra mile to ensure that I had it. I have some other matters pending that he is still helping me with. I am grateful for the work he is doing. – Joanne Roberts
My relationship with Stratawest goes back to 1996 when Garth Cambrey was the President of the Company. At that time, I was elected on the strata council of a townhouse complex in North Vancouver and the property management firm that was providing its services to the strata was closing down. As president of the Strata, I was mandated to find a replacement and after having done extensive due diligence, Stratawest was chosen to be the property manager. This was the best thing that could ever happen to that strata corporation. The involvement and service that was provided by Stratawest was such that we all wondered why we hadn’t expected more of the previous manager. The service was dependable, unbiased, beneficial and was appreciated by all!  In 2007, after moving to West Vancouver, I was voted on the Strata council and became its President. The property management company at that time was so bad that they would not even consider discussing the contentious issues for which the meeting had been called for and left the meeting minutes after arriving. This is when Stratawest was called to take over and the service received was nothing short of great! The cooperation and dedication to our issues was monumental and they are continuing to deliver Garth’s legacy. Ian Osman, our current manager is dedicated, honest and always eager to help. He has the best interest of the Strata in whatever needs to be done. I give him and the team 5 stars, including the receptionist Yvette, who is always so pleasant and responsive to our requests. – Rene Carrier