Strata Management Services

Our strata corporation management services can be broken down into three primary categories: financial management, administrative assistance and building/asset management.

Financial Management

Broadly speaking, financial management refers to all of the financial matters that your strata corporation is responsible for. This may include: budgeting, collecting strata fees and special levies, preparing financial statements and seeking annual independent audits at the request of council (soon to become mandatory under the Strata Property Act).

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  • Maintenance of separate trust account(s) in the name of each client
  • Collection of monthly strata fees and special levies, penalties, parking, storage, laundry and miscellaneous charges, where appropriate. This includes:
    • executing electronic bank transfers
    • notifying owners of strata fees, special levies and other charges
    • sending reminder letters in advance of post-dated cheque payments expiring
    • posting payments to each owner’s account and maintaining accurate accounts receivable
    • initiating collection of overdue accounts, including correspondence, providing advice to the strata council and, if necessary, arranging for the filing of liens and court-ordered sale proceedings
  • Payment of approved trade and supplier invoices, employee, payroll and contractual obligations. This includes:
    • coding invoices for processing and financial statement preparation
    • preparing, signing and issuing cheques on behalf of the strata corporation
  • Preparation of monthly operating statements. This includes:
    • balance sheet
    • statements of receipts and disbursements for both the Operating and Contingency Reserve Funds
    • general ledger listing
    • accounts receivable listing by owner
    • copy of bank statement and reconciliation
    • copies of paid invoices
  • Preparation of annual Operating and Contingency Reserve Fund budgets itemizing projected revenues and expenditures for approval by the strata council and strata corporation.

Administrative Assistance

Our strata agents will take care of the administrative details required to carry out the decisions of your strata council. Administrative duties include: maintaining accurate records as required by the Strata Property Act, preparing agendas and minutes for council meetings along with annual and special general meetings, liaising between owners and the strata council as well as preparing and disseminating notices to owners and residents.

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  • Arrangement of all General Meetings of the strata corporation. This includes:
    • booking facility rentals where necessary
    • preparing and distributing notices and agendas
    • providing voting ballots and proxy forms
    • recording attendees and proxy holders
    • ensuring meetings are conducted in accordance with the Strata Property Act
    • preparing and distributing meeting minutes
  • Preparation and distribution of strata council meeting minutes as directed by the strata council
  • Preparation and distribution of notices and business correspondence as required by the strata council
  • Preparation and retention of required documentation for the sale of a strata lot
  • Attending to records management as required by the Strata Property Actand strata corporation’s bylaws, including maintaining:
    • minutes of General Meetings and strata council meetings;
    • list of strata council members
    • lists of owners, tenants (including assignments of owner’s rights) and mortgagees
    • consolidated bylaws and rules
    • insurance policies and appraisals
    • books of account
    • annual Operating and Contingency Reserve Fund budgets
    • trade and employment agreements
    • legal and arbitration decisions
    • tax returns
    • ¾ vote and unanimous vote resolutions
    • informational material to owners and tenants

Building and Asset Management

We perform a wide array of services relating to the safety, security and upkeep of your strata corporation’s physical assets. This involves arranging for regularly scheduled service appointments, maintaining a 24/7 emergency response number attended to by the property manager for your strata corporation, providing guidance and advice on capital maintenance projects and assisting with the preparation of a Depreciation Report, as required by the Strata Property Act.

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  • Liaison and supervision of employees, contractors and trades engaged by the strata corporation
  • Attending to emergency situations and any required insurance claims submissions
  • Maintenance of arm’s length, working relationships with reliable and efficient trades in order to carry out repairs and maintenance to common property during routine and emergency situations
  • Purchase of necessary supplies and materials at discounted rates when available