The End of Rental Restrictions: Part 3 (along with Age Restrictions & Electronic General Meetings)


We can now confirm that Bill 44 has been read through and proclaimed into law by the BC Legislature.  As a reminder from our previous articles on the subject, the three main changes in the Strata Property Act arising from these amendments are:

  • The end of rental restrictions – the provisions in SPA which allowed for Strata Corporations to pass bylaws limiting the number of rentals within a property or setting a minimum duration for rentals have been removed.  Special note should be made that “short term accomodations” (which are not “rentals” under the law) can still be prohibited by bylaw with fines of up to $1,000/day for offenders;
  • Electronic General Meetings no longer require a bylaw to be permitted- all Strata Corporations are free to hold their General Meetings via electronic means;
  • Age restriction provisions have also been amended – only “55+” communities are now permitted under the Act with various provisions for caregivers.

Our friends at the Condominium Homeowners Association (CHOA) conducted a seminar which they have posted to YouTube to provide more detailed information to Strata Corporations on these new provisions.  Likewise, they have posted slides to their website summarizing the changes- both of these are excellent resources for anyone looking to learn more about the impacts of Bill 44.

We encourage all clients with specific questions about these legislated amendments to seek legal advice, as there are a great number of “unknowns” arising from the changes to the SPA.  We do not yet have all of the answers but will continue to meet with our industry colleagues, attend seminars and review published materials so that we’re in a position to provide you with practical input on the day to day implications for you and your Strata Corporation.