Proposed Changes to the Strata Property Act: The End of Rental Restrictions


The BC Government has announced a major change to the Strata Property Act, which if passed through new legislation, will effectively end the ability of Strata Corporations to prohibit rentals.  The proposed changes are being made as part of the Province’s efforts to address the housing affordability crisis facing British Columbia.

We at Stratawest do not take a position on this legislation- there are pros and cons to removing rental restrictions and time will tell whether or not it will lead to good outcomes. It’s also important to note that the full text of the legislation has only just been made public, has not yet been passed (so may be subject to amendment) and the BC Strata legal community has yet to weigh in on the proposed changes.

That said, our clients have incredibly diverse views on the proposed legislation with some being in favour and some being very much opposed.  There are advocacy groups in our province whose mission is to protect the public, and they are lobbying on behalf of their stakeholders.  Most notably, the Condominium Home Owners Assocation (CHOA) has announced their own position on the proposed changes and written an open letter to the legislature on the subject, advocating for them to consider the wider implications on the Strata community.

Strata Councils who wish to lobby for changes to the legislation should consider joining CHOA, an organization of which we are a member and have long supported.  You can do so by advising your Property Manager, who will arrange for membership on your behalf.