• Owner Access to Records


    Quite regularly, an owner (or a group of owners) will request access to certain records of their given Strata Corporation.  The owner must be provided access under Section 36 of the Strata Property Act (SPA) and need only pay for the copy costs (with the Strata Corporation being charged the related administration time for staff to observe the records review, if so required). The most typical requests relate to financial records, copies of contracts, repair work and the like.

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  • Owner Ordered Evicted By Judge


    In a case making headlines around the province, an owner is being ordered to sell her strata unit and vacate it (along with her son).  The saga began in 2006 and may be reaching its conclusion.

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  • Thank you Art Phillips


    Thank you Art Phillips.

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  • Insurance Renewals And The Outlook For 2013… So Far.


    With the ever-changing nature of global insurance markets and the related moving pieces leading to the local trend of rising premium costs, we have been looking to find unbiased third party articles and information to pass along to keep our clients informed and hopefully help make some sense of this very significant and mandatory operating cost. In this article, we offer some commentary on the insurance renewal process along with some information on the 2013 outlook for Strata Corporation Insurance in British Columbia.

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  • Earth Hour


    Earth Hour will be observed beginning at 8:30pm on Saturday March 23rd.  Anyone wanting to learn more about this global event can find information at


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  • How Are Strata Fees Calculated?


    There are a number of excellent resources available on the internet, particularly those published by the Ministry of Housing, which answer some fairly basic questions about strata corporations.  A great example is the article we’d like to suggest for review below.  It explains one of the most fundamental concepts of the Strata Property Act – how strata fees are calculated.  Owners often ask us how their fees are arrived at, and whether or not there is something arbitrary at play.  This article explains the process for calculating Unit Entitlement (UE) which is the basic building block used to calculate all funds raised by strata corporations.

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  • Proxies And Owner Direction


    Attached to every Annual & Special General Meeting Notice you will find a Proxy form.  The Proxy form allows an owner to appoint another individual to vote on their behalf at the meeting in the event that they themselves are not available to attend. The Proxy form is most often provided to a relative, a neighbour or a member of the Strata Council. A person provided the form is called a “proxy” and the person designating him or her is called a “principal”.

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  • Special General Meetings Called By Owners


    Every so often, individual owners inquire with our office as to how they can arrange to place a resolution or other matter before their fellow owners for consideration.  More often than not, this request is for a ¾ vote resolution and it usually proposes controversial Bylaw changes which they’ve asked the strata council to consider, but which the council has declined.  Typical examples include changes to rental quotas, allowing pets or barbecues, and other such items.

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  • Seasons Greetings!


    For the past two years, Stratawest has been proud to participate in the North Shore Christmas Bureau Toy Drive.  The support we’ve had from our staff and industry colleagues has been overwhelming, with many jumping at the opportunity to donate toys, musical instruments, gift cards, sporting equipment and other goods to needy families.

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  • Depreciation Reports – Our Position


    Most strata council members are now familiar with the legislated requirement (Section 94 of the Strata Property Act (SPA)) that, with a few exceptions which do not apply to any Stratawest clients, every strata corporation in British Columbia must conduct a Depreciation Report by December 2013.

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