Court Orders Troublesome Owner To Pay Fines and Cease Egregious Behaviour


In a ruling that will embolden some Strata Councils to pursue legal remedies against particularly abusive Owners (and occupants), a judge recently ordered an Owner to pay several thousand dollars in unpaid fines and to cease & desist from engaging in abusive, generally awful behaviour.

The ruling can be read here.  Some commentary from the CBC can be found here. 

Unfortunately, too many Strata Councils and communities have to put up with this type of behaviour.  It is costly to remedy, but in extreme cases the cost of legal action is outweighed by the abuse and abhorrent actions of difficult neighbours.

We encourage any Strata Councils experiencing this sort of abuse to seek legal advice as to their possible recourse, but to also keep in mind that it’s only in cases of particularly offensive behaviour that the Courts will step in.  It is important to note that the Strata Corporation here was successful in achieving the sought after Decision and Order to Pay Fines not only due to extensive affidavit evidence, but also to the strict adherence to proper procedures in bylaw enforcement and application of fines.