Exciting Industry News: The RCM Designation Comes to British Columbia


Exciting Industry News: The RCM Designation comes to British Columbia


Stratawest would like to acknowledge and congratulate six members of our property management staff for the successful completion of the Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) curriculum and, accordingly, their recently received designation as RCM’s.  Those Property Managers are: Linda MacSeafraidh, Monica Dare, Adam Lord, Muryn Merta, Jason Kurtz and Cory Pettersen. Stratawest is a strong supporter of ongoing education for property managers and we are very proud to have the highest concentration of RCM designates of any firm in B.C.

First established in Ontario, and administered by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, the Registered Condominium Manager Designation represents knowledge and professionalism in the field of the condominium management in Canada. The RCM Designation is awarded following proof of experience, participation in the established course curriculum and successful completion of the RCM examination.  An RCM must uphold ethical standards, have a proven depth of knowledge, utilize recognized practices and be committed to providing the highest level of service to strata councils, owners and the strata community in general.

The Board of Directors for the Strata Property Agents of British Columbia (SPABC) worked for a number of years to bring the RCM Designation to our Province.  The main purpose of bringing the RCM Designation to B.C. was to be able  to provide a higher level of knowledge and experience that benefits both consumers and strata industry professionals.  The successful completion of mastering the materials that make up the course work and a passing grade of 75{e013b784d3a72fb890c716aa74480ba3c3f3d9e4c9f6942fcb94dfe33921e922} or better by 36 individuals this past April is the culmination of those efforts and the foundation from which the designation will grow in B.C.  Through the efforts of SPABC,  Strata Management Licensees with a minimum of 5 years’ experience were provided the opportunity to enroll in the program here in B.C. and challenge a 4 hour exam designed around the 4 course categories which are Condominium Law, Condominium Administration and Human Relations, Physical Building Management and Financial Planning for Condominium Managers.

In light of the success of this undertaking – which has resulted in B.C. now having the 2nd highest concentration of RCM’s in Canada (second only to Ontario) –  the National Association of Condominium Managers (NACM) decided to hold their Annual General Meeting here in Vancouver, B.C. in early October.  At this meeting the 36 newest recipients of the RCM Designation were recognized and presented with their official certifications. Stratawest is extremely proud to have had six individuals representing the company at this ceremony and congratulates Linda MacSeafraidh, Monica Dare, Muryn Merta, Adam Lord, Jason Kurtz and Cory Pettersen on this achievement. This group represents over 15{e013b784d3a72fb890c716aa74480ba3c3f3d9e4c9f6942fcb94dfe33921e922} of the existing RCM’s in the province.

If you are interested in learning more about what an RCM is, please click on RCM-BC.