BC Law Institute Consultation Paper on Complex Strata Corporations


The BC Law Institute recently published a consultation paper on complex stratas, which includes recommendations for changes to the Strata Property Act. This is now in its last phase, and requires public analysis and commentary.

The three legal devices dealt with in the consultation paper are:

  1. sections, which allow for the creation of mini strata corporations;
  2. types, which allow for the allocation (to specific strata lots) of expenses paid for out of a strata corporation’s operating fund; and
  3. phases, which allow for the development of strata properties in segments over an extended period of time.

Please review the tentative recommendations and provide feedback by:

If you choose to complete the response booklet, you can submit it by emailing it to kzakreski@nullbcli.org, or faxing it to 604-822-0144.

This consultation will remain open for feedback until January 15, 2017. If you have any questions, please  contact kzakreski@nullbcli.org.